Your kids aren’t messy. They just get creative sometimes.

Give them the freedom to create their imagination with the art and craft activity kits from Out Of The Box, available for kids between 3 years to 10 years of age.

About Us

Art and craft is one of the best ways to participate in your child’s exciting journey. It gives you, as parents a chance to explore what they love. And most importantly, it proves to be the best time you share with them. You often teach them things only to be amazed by how much you learn in return. These are the special moments which get etched in your heart forever. But, do you think you have the time to give them the creative space they need? We’ll make it possible for you with ‘Out of the Box’, a super creative & fabulous arty activity box with a bunch of colourful Art and Craft Activities for your children. Out of the Box is a collection of simple yet innovative activities which would engage your child enough & give him a sense of pride and accomplishment on owning a unique handcrafted creation. It would not only develop your beautiful bond with the child but also boost his creativity, patience and confidence!

Why Out Of The Box

As parents and mentors, we consider our child's holistic development our utmost priority. But due to our busy schedule we are unable to give them the necessary time. We run out of ideas to spend quality time with them. Thus, we bring you 'Out of the Box'.

Out of the Box is an interesting art and craft activity kit for children between 3 year to 10 years of age. It is a set of flexible art and craft activities to help your child develop fingertip grip, encourage creative thinking, improve concentration & attention span; and most importantly, it is a great source of bonding through creativity. You are more than special for your child and so is your time! Indulge yourself in these lovely activities with your child and frame her beautiful happy smile in your heart forever!!